Using Green Wedding Invitation For Your Unforgettable Wedding

There is no better time than today to get smart about our planet's peril – and your wedding is a splendid place to begin. Exchange your vows with your soul mate without emitting emissions, and you make tomorrow's world a better place.
2013 green wedding invites

With no doubt, invites are often chosen to cater for brides and grooms' distinguishing inclinations and match well with delicately panned themes. Wedding stationery which commonly transmits directly visual feeling to recipients can be selected by different colors which will absolutely attach significant tone for marriage reception.
Discount simple green polka dots wedding invitations

Consider all the trees you'll be saving by finding other options for your invitations, save the date cards, RSVP cards, shower invitations and RSVP cards, place cards, menu cards and thank you notes!
elegant green wedding invitation set

Bright pink butterflies flutter amongst the green vines on the front of these beautiful pink and green wedding invitations- Sweet and elegant, these lovely invitations work well for your spring or summer wedding and would be absolutely perfect for an outdoor garden wedding reception.
Simple Green Wedding Invitation

Symbolizing a strong and fruitful beginning, this oak tree wedding invitation uses a combination of nature and simple colors to invite guests to the special occasion. Matching save the date, response, reception and thank you cards are also available.
spring green wedding invitations

Start Your Perfect Wedding With Our Beautiful Save The Date

The Save the Date ideas are only limited to your imagination. There are so many creative ideas ranging from the simple Save the Date postcard or Save the Date photo magnet to the more expensive Save the Date wine bottle.

our save the date 2013

Check out card companies that offer theme party or birthday designs and work with them to adapt it to your reunion. Sports, retro, beach, circus, Hollywood, luau, fiesta, patriotic and more are available.

photo save the date postcard

They are cute and work great for destination weddings. The only downside was that they cost so much. So, I decided to make my own; you can do it too!

romantic spring photo save the date cards

If you are budget-conscious, consider fill-in or printable save the date cards, take a look at As long as you write legibly or choose a clear font, your guests will still appreciate the notice.

vintage photo save the date

You can either have it all by yourself or buy it online so that various cards can offer you great save the date cards and you can customize them and choose the design that you are in favor of.

beautiful save the date

To be honest, save the date cards are always sent several months before the wedding so that the guests can have plenty time to get ready for the wedding.

Beautiful Blue Wedding Invitation For Your 2013 Wedding

We all know that colors matter a lot in the whole invitation planning since they always serve as the first impression to people. Hence choosing the right color is a half-done of the whole making.

2013 popular blue moon theme wedding cards

Beautiful ribbon light blue wedding cards

Apart from blue wedding cards, pink is also a fabulous color you never want to miss. Standing for romantic and delicate love, there is no color more suitable for an invitation card than pink.

dark blue pocket wedding cards 2013

For example, if you are using a pocket folder style, and your colors are red and cream-- try selecting the red for the color of the pocket folder and the cream for the invitation and RSVP card inserts. For a layered invitation, use the red as the base layer and the cream for the invitation overlay.

 Light Blue and white damask wedding invitations

A green invitation with contrasting red ink and matching red ribbon adds a fresh, dramatic flair, look at for details.. Using color, ink and ribbon styles are ways that you can design an original invitation that truly reflects you and your finance.

Pocket blue wedding cards- your best choice for wedding

Find Special Pocket Wedding Invitation For Your Wedding

Gone were the days when wedding invitations are used to be written in legal size scented sheets of specialty paper and stashed in big scented envelops.

You can print out different copies for you and your partner to choose from. Save them in different files so it's easier to look for them in your computer.

So why should you have pocket wedding invitations instead of the regular-sized ones? For starters, you want something which you can do yourself. Personalized wedding invitations can cost you a great deal of money compared with buying your own materials and making them yourself.

The RSVP card will be in just the right spot for the guests to see as well as traveling arrangements and directions which can also have their own pocket bridal invites. Whatever budget and style you may have, there is a pocket invitation for you. They will look fabulous and expensive without breaking the bank.

Monograms assist in attaching a touch of elegance and sophistication to both traditional and modern wedding scenarios. Pocket invitations enclosed in bold, rich colored envelopes like dark brown, black, red and so on.


Blue beach cards with cheap blue pockets wedding invitation kits EWPI002


2013 Best Ideas For Your Destination Wedding Cards

A very popular trend in the wedding industry is the destination wedding. A destination wedding is essentially a small celebration that is attended by the bride and groom’s closest friends and family.

When considering the wording for your destination wedding invitation, it is important to include the full range of dates for the event. Simply say what you would on any other invitation, but remember to include the full address of the location.

There's no question that it can be challenging to plan a destination wedding cards. This guide will make the process a little easier by providing unique ideas for destination wedding invitations as well as tips for creating the perfect invite.

Online wedding specialists also offer destination-themed stationery designed to look like American passports. Imagine how excited and honored family and friends will be to receive one of these special and unique invitations.

If you would like to go one step further, you can print a picture you took with your guest on the last page. This will help you to personalize a unique design for each of your guests.

A picture on the invitation can express the idea of bridal shower invitation effectively. You can print a photo of the destination on the card. Your guests will know the theme of your event once they see the invitations. You can even print your own pictures on it in order to personalize the cards!

Beach photo custom destination wedding invitations EWUI014

Modern Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day

Modern wedding invitations are an easy way to incorporate a modern elegance to a wedding. Calla lilies are an especially popular flower to use on modern wedding invitations. Calla lilies are naturally elegant flower that easily lend themselves to weddings because of their simple elegance and strong look.


Be it a color theme, flowers simplicity or style theme. Many companies offer stock cards but some will actually create one -off designs just for you. Meaning no other bride will have the same invitations as you.


Modern wedding invitations allow you the couple to express themselves on their wedding day. Doing what they want and in the style they want.

Right now, summer is here and the popular online invitations are Mason jar, chalkboard, outdoor scenes and a mix of flowers - including wildflowers. I have added some great photos below, from my Pinterest wedding page to give you more ideas for a summer wedding.


After you are engaged and have shared the news with your close friends and family it is time to pick your Save the Dates card. Save the dates are sent out in advance to notify for your guests of the upcoming wedding and give them time to make travel plans and hold the date on their calendar.


This simple flower will be good for affordable modern wedding invitations. A bride looking for an elegant and modern wedding invitation should take a moment to consider purchasing calla lily invitations.


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Beautiful Autumn Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day

These qualities are very symbolic for weddings - you are celebrating your union with happiness and joy. Together you are hopeful and courageous as you enter your new life together.

Everyone knows that red is the color of passion; just perfect for your wedding invitation. But in other cultures red can convey power, purity, joy and celebration - all good fits for a wedding celebration.

Also find ideas of purple and yellow custom wedding invitations and matching stationery, wedding shoes and other accessories. May the ideas shown in this lens will help you in planning your wedding.

It's not too hot for the handsome groom to comfortably sport his tuxedo and not cold enough yet for the bride to need to cover her fabulous yellow wedding cards with a coat. And the colorful fall scenery makes an awesome backdrop for stunning wedding pictures.

There is a variety of spring and summer flower choices that come in shades of red and yellow to choose from for your bridal bouquets and reception table centerpieces.


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2013 Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas As Hot As This Summer

There are many different features that need to be paid attention to in a wedding invitation. We tell you what ideas you can use for every decision that you need to make.


If you are aiming at a delicate invitation, then we suggest that you stick to pastel shades in pink, blue, yellow, or even a pristine, virginal white. If you want bolder colors associated with the summer sun, then orange, red, citrus green, turquoise, magenta, etc. are all great colors for the invitation.


For a beach marriage, you can make use of the themes like shells, water, sand, fish and other things tantamount to the beach. Flowers and blooms is yet another popular theme that you can use for your summer invites. You have to inform them of whether they would see you in a casual beach wedding dress or an informal beach wedding dress so that they could match the correct beach wedding attire and beach wedding wear.


Well to help you out here is the top 10 summer wedding invitation trends, with links to the products, so you could only be a click away from your dream wedding.


Summer weddings are very special, and they deserve equally special invitations. From formal too casual to themed, here are some of the best ideas for summer wedding invitations.


A lot of flowers such as sunflowers and daisies can definitely set the mood. You can also add lilies and orchids in your decorations as well. Nowadays, many people use paper parasols for decorating the wedding venues.


Cheap Classic blue damask wedding invitations with free response cards EWI004


Suggestions For Selecting 2013 Save The Date For Wedding Cards

Wedding invitations are the first impression that people may get to know about your wedding including save the date cards, respond card, invitation cards and thank you card and among which save the date cards are the first one people can get.

Whatever you are planning for, a wedding, shower or a party, save the date cards always serve as the informing tool to tell people that there is going to be a celebration in the near future.

Long before the wedding invitations are sent out, save the date cards can be used to give your guests ample notice and time to rearrange the schedule so that they can present at your wedding.

Be sure to do good homework on how to box and ship the items and what the cost will be. You don't want your fun to be ruined by going over budget. I saw a good idea, which is to make a sample and bring that to the post office, ideally packed for mailing. Then you'll get an idea of the cost.

The design tool is one of the easiest to use anywhere, and there are often matching custom postage stamps and other add-ons for a coordinated look.


With Romantic Wedding Invitation To Make Personalized 2013 Wedding

Many people would like Disney wedding favor collection and more romantic wedding decorating ideas. I love the top photo of the Love Story-themed party decorations and it truly is romantic and more decorations are below.

If you're planning a beach or summer wedding and you're looking for a beautiful theme, take a look at all of the hearts in the sand wedding stationery and gift items we've collected on this page for you.

The poem chosen for the invitation does not need to be written by a famous poet, it can even be something that the two of you made up together. The wording of your wedding invitation should always suit your personal style and most importantly show everyone how in love you two are!

Most women will have a favorite flower they consider to be romantic, and this will be the flower they want to use for the arrangements. Some popular flower choices include: roses, calla lilies, gardenias, peonies, and water lilies. As many of these flowers can be found in more than one color, finding a floral scheme that will match your overall wedding color scheme is a cinch.

The wording is vital to setting a romantic tone. Keep it magical and include a romantic quote.

In a word, to design your romantic wedding invitations with romantic theme, every detail has to be taken into consideration. As long as you put effort and a little thought into it, there is no question that your dreamlike wedding belongs to you.

Elegant gold embossed folded wedding invitations EWRI001

How To Plan Perfect Country Wedding Cards For Your 2013 Wedding

Perhaps you love the sun and water but not the sand. If you are getting married on a boat, choose an invitation, like the Ocean Liner wedding invitation that matches your big day.


On the other hand, if your wedding is in a warm location, you can choose an invitation with a sunny design. It is up to you and your preferences! Flowers like daisies, gerberas, dahlias, and sunflowers can be a nice way to decorate the table centerpieces. Use one or two colors as the wedding motif to unify the look of the venue and the decoration.


Also, you can make handmade soaps or handmade candles and then put them in beautiful mason jars. Do not forget to add a gift tag and scribble personal messages for the guests.


However, if you still want to have a formal event with the tuxedos and the works, it is still all right to do so.


Planning a wedding, whether it is a country wedding or some other theme, can truly be time-consuming, exhausting and sometimes exasperating. But once you walk down the aisle and say "I do" to your beloved, all your exhaustion and emotional turmoil will be worth it.


Sundresses, cotton dresses and other casual clothing can be perfect for you and your guests to dress up for a countryside wedding. If you still want to have a formal wedding with more serious and formal outfit it is still all right.


Everything that you need to know about country wedding invitation wordings is on this site and we promise you will never be disappointed.


Sunflowers can be used in your wedding invitation design as well as your centerpieces and other places where a little color is needed. Find wedding jewelry and accessories decorated with sunflowers to finish off your wedding day attire.

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response cards EWRI021

2013 Most Modern Wedding Cards For Your Wedding

Modern wedding invitations can be defined as any invitation which is not "traditional" and would suit couples who are planning a "modern" wedding and wish to move away from more traditional wedding elements.


They are quickly gaining popularity these days especially amongst couples who prefer something stylish yet with a contemporary feel. The beginning few lines that announce that a marriage is taking place and that somebody is inviting you to this marriage is part one. The rest of the logistical information is part two.


Many modern designs take advantage of full color printing to create vibrant and colorful designs. Below I have listed some themes/styles to consider for your wedding stationery.


For now, brown, steel blue and yellow are all chic, trendy wedding colors that you can use on your cards to match the season. Moreover, you don't even have to match your invitation colors with your wedding colors. Just do what feels right to you. However, if you are concerned on using bright colors, think about at least an accent color. You can also stick to a white invite that includes just a burst of color.


You can find romantic wedding invitations that have a design that is a bit sensual yet exudes that air of elegance you were looking for. Remember that the perfect touch for a wedding invitation can be simply obtained if you go for simplicity and style at the same time. You can have it all if you just have enough patience to browse the Internet.


The card used might be a colored board rather than white or maybe a pearliest card to add a touch of luxury. Raised ink adds a texture to these simple cards and comes in a variety of colors. Alternatively an embossed border might be added to create an area of interest.


Be careful however, I have seen really tasteless modern wedding invitation that have a tacky picture of the couple getting married. That is why I recommend that you ask a professional wedding photographer or someone you can trust to take the picture.

affordable mint green folded country wedding invitations with free
response cards EWRI021

Found Great Winter Wedding Invitation In 2013 Wedding

The most time consuming tasks, truth be told, are the invitations. Sure, some brides just choose something that is mass-produced and are not really fussy about inserts or all of the particulars that can go with them, but others go through their choices with a proverbial fine tooth, making sure they're just perfect.


They are available in any shape, size and color so that you will have plenty to select from. You can use this design and have a completely different wedding invitation than you've ever seen before.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Yes, turkeys! Would you believe that you can find turkey wedding invitations? Well, you can! If you are planning a wedding around the Thanksgiving holiday when all of your family will be gathered anyway, these could be the ideal whimsical style for you.


This is actually the perfect timing for formal weddings, and the invitations could be designed from gorgeous antiqued lace styles to more fun snowflake designs.  There is no limit to the design images you might choose for a winter invitations. And here are some ideas you may employ in the making of the winter wedding invites.


So you can simply choose a festival as your theme and it is great since busy friends can take time off to gather together for your wedding. Imagine how sweet that will be when you recall the lovely memories years later. Incorporating personal pictures is easy and doesn't take much time to do either. If you are really out of your mind about what to prepare for the invitations, you can actually turn to your friends and family for help or simply search online to get numerous ideas.


Adding personal photos into your marriage invitation is easy by shopping on wedding invite sites. It doesn't take a tech genius to add photos to the stationery either. Simply upload the files to the website. If you run into trouble, contact the company's customer service team for help.

Fabulous Unique Wedding Invitation For Your Special Day


Unique wedding invitations are easy to create. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Today's tech savvy couples use different types of multimedia to create one of a kind, memorable wedding invitations.


The information can be either engraved on the glass or a printed piece of cheap unique bridal cards with the information can be inserted inside the glass gar. Just fill the jar with colored pebbles, marbles or colored sand.


For instance, consider using baby photos of you and your future spouse. If you have an artistic hand, perhaps you can draw your profiles. Got a place or landmark that's important to you? Take a photo of you and your love at the spot for instantly unique wedding invites.


A great location to go looking for the ideal suggestions is online, as creativity can spark from anything and anyone. Browse through a variety of available options and tips that people have provided amongst one another and allow your artistic bone to make a difference.


Actually, unique wedding invitations are gradually becoming an increasing trend for many couples for they more or less, make the wedding more attractive.


When it comes to your special day, don't use the same wedding invitation ideas used by every other bride. With a little forethought, you can create unique wedding invitations that set the scene for the most important day of your life for your friends, family and loved ones.